Boone and family 5.12.14I was the last puppy to leave.  The lady told me I was going to someplace called Can Etiquette.  I don’t know where that is, but the lady says I’ll be happy there and Jack says she’s always right.  The lady gave me some puppy snuggles and then she went to work.
My new humans came for me in the morning.  That would give us lots of time to get to know one another.  When they arrived, they had some really cool surprises for me.  They had human puppies.  Not big human puppies, like Duke – I mean Luce.  Three human puppies – and one of them is almost as small as me!  Jack says we’ll all grow up together.   I wonder if they will sleep in my crate with me?
Austin and the new lady said that they had worked hard to get a new name for me.  I’m not Bond anymore.  I’m Three Cedars Backwood’s Master.  Call name?  Boone.  Jack says the lady would like that – it has a lot of history behind it.
So now, I’m off to my new home at Squash Hollow Farm.  I have some kids to train.