Warrior’s Mark Wing Shooting Lodge

The Weekend Wrap Up

Mas:  “What a weekend!  The SWPAHRC put on a great hunt test, really, a great hunt test.  But not an easy one!  On Saturday, I was pretty good.  All that sit-to-the-flush practice that Jack put me through paid off.  I was rock solid – not even a slight break or creep.  All together, between marks and blinds, I had to pick up eight birds.  The trail put me at nine birds to finish the test.  At the end of the day, I had earned a pass.  The ribbon is pretty fancy and I’m sure this one will find a place on the wall.

Sunday, things were a little different.  Up to the last portion of the test, I was still in contention.  Maybe I was distracted.  Maybe I was bored.  Maybe I just had too much water to drink. I did have to stop to get rid of the water pretty often.  No matter the cause, I wasn’t good enough to earn a ribbon.

Jack is pretty philosophical about it when we have a bad test day.  He always reminds me that I have never disappointed him in the field.”