The Farm Pond
Swimming Lessons

Ron: “Let me introduce myself. My name is Ron. I’m named after Jack’s best hunting buddy who went to the Great Hunting Fields in the Sky. You can read that story on my puppy page. No matter. I’ll be doing my best to let Jack keep saying “I’m going hunting with Ron.” Today, Jack decided we should start to learn to swim. He loaded Nick, Tess, Scotch, Dash and me into the big white truck where we could lay down on fresh straw. The lady got in the car, too, and two people they call JohnandChristina. They always say it like that, one word.

We drove a few minutes to get to the farm pond. The people carried us toward a great big body of water……it was huge. We puppies played around the edge of the water and ran through the spring where the water moves. Jack got in the water and started calling us.

No point in doing things halfway, is there? I ran down the little grass hill and got in the water. My feet were in the mud and then I moved a little bit toward Jack. The people got all excited and happy. They were telling me I was a good boy. What’s all the fuss? I was swimming. Of course, I was, I’m a Labrador Retriever! I was BORN to swim. Ah, this is the life!”

Nick: “OK, Ron got most of the story right. He missed a couple of things. He was the star swimmer, even I’d have to admit that. He was swimming around and around Jack’s legs. The girls all got in, too, and Tess pulled off the big trick – you can see that on Facebook. But Ron left out the part where I outshined HIM. See, there’s this little dock. It takes a pretty good puppy pull to get from the grass onto the dock, but I did that just fine. I walked out on the dock to where the lady was standing. I could see over the edge of the dock and it didn’t seem very far from the dock to where Jack was. Maybe I could get there if I could………JUMP!!!!! So, yeah, Ron was the best swimmer and Tess did the retrieve, but I was the puppy who could jump in!”