Socks 8.18.12

The Name Change

Socks: “You may be confused already. Most of you have been calling me Hope since I was first born. Let me explain. On the day I was born, the lady named me Hope. I was the first puppy with a name. I was the first live puppy and I gave the lady hope that the puppies would be fine. She’s not very complicated when she chooses names.

Anyway, shortly after we puppies were born, Jack was contacted by Penn Vet WDC . They were searching for puppies for their first class. In particular, they were looking for puppies with a family history of strong work ethics. They had come to the right place! Jack and the lady had lots of questions to ask – and to answer – when they started working with the people at WDC. Then a decision was made. The WDC wanted a female puppy. That put me on the list.

The puppies that are chosen for the WDC are going to be named after dogs who worked at the World Trade Center in the wake of the September 11 bombing. Now we get to the name change. Hope becomes Socks.

The lady says she believes that Socks will give people hope.”