My Turn

Hawk: “It’s probably time to introduce myself. My short name is Hawk. I was the last puppy born and the lady called me “The Last of the Mohicans”. Turns out, that’s the title of a book. Anyway, the hero in the book is called Hawkeye. Jack says one syllable call names are easier, so my name became Hawk.

Jack and the lady tell me I’m going to live in a city called New York. My new lady is a runner and she needs a companion to run with her. I can do that job! I like to run already. I can run all around my room and I can run in the grass, too. I think the new lady will like to have me run with her. Even though I’m little now, my legs will get longer and I’ll be able to run faster and farther. I can’t wait to meet her.

Once Jack and my new family had all the paperwork in order, Jack asked them what name they wanted me to have. Everyone was very happy to learn that my full, fancy name will be Moonlight Hawk of Three Cedars. I think moonlight is nice. If I roll myself into a little ball, I sort of look like the moon with my light fur against the dark slate floor. Yes, I think Moonlight Hawk is a perfect name.”