SWPAHRC Training Grounds

Babe: “Thursday nights have been training nights for a long time. For me, there hasn’t been one in over 2 months. It wouldn’t have been safe for me to exercise in the summer heat while I was waiting for my puppies and of course, I’ve been very busy since they arrived. Lately, I’ve been leaving them alone for longer periods of time. Jack must have been paying attention, because he decided it was time for me to have some big dog time.

The trip in the truck was very peaceful. Mas and I were in our accustomed spots. And oh, boy, was I happy to see my dog friends and their humans! Even better, it was a perfect night to be training. There were blinds, sure, and I remembered what I needed to do to work a blind. Even better, there were marks and happy, happy, happy for me: WATER MARKS! I haven’t been swimming in such a long time! Chasing a bumper into the pond wasn’t work, not for me and not last night. It was very nice to be back in my element. After all, I am a hunting dog.

We came home and I got another surprise. Jack said I needed a bath before I could go to my puppies. Something about pond water made him think I should clean up before I fed the pups. I guess that was the price I had to pay for a great night out.

I do want to say that I missed seeing two of my buddies, Orrie andHalle. I know Halle isn’t feeling well right now and I hope she gets better soon.”