Doll: “The gang asked me to be the first spokespuppy. We wanted to tell a little bit of OUR story. The last few days have had lots of changes. Mom isn’t hanging out with us nearly as much as she used to. She comes by, sure, and everyone gets a little something to drink, but Jack has been giving us some stuff that’s really good to eat. And the lady puts out a shiny bowl that has clear stuff in it. It’s cool and wet.

We’ve been going outside, too. That’s really fun. There’s this green soft stuff out there to walk around in. After a few days, we learned that there is another way to get around. It’s called running. It’s like walking, but way faster. It also lets you pounce on the other puppies in the gang. Jack and the lady started taking us out a few days ago after we would eat the stuff Jack makes. Now, we go out before we eat and sometimes we eat out there, too.

There’s another new thing. The gate is gone from our big box. Now, even at night, we can get out of our box and walk around our room. There are newspapers around and we’ve figured out that we can do some things in our box, like play with our toys and drink that cool clear stuff. There are other things we can do outside our box…..on the newspapers. And when we do that, Jack and the lady tell us we’re good dogs.

Lots of changes. Today, I told my side. You’ll hear from my brothers and sisters in the coming days. Thanks for listening!”