Kay 7.4.13 K

Kay:  “You’ve heard a little bit about me.  Marilyn named me as part of the “guess the puppy count” contest that Jack had.  Since then, you haven’t heard much!  I’m sort of the strong but silent type.  I enjoy watching my brothers and sisters rumble with one another and I don’t mind playing with them.  I’m just content to do things on my own.  Like swimming.  I really like to swim.  The very first time Jack put me in the pond, I knew I was where I belong.

The lady says that’s as it should be for a puppy named Kay.

I hope it’s still a good thing for a puppy named Murphy!  That’s my new name:  Murphy.  I’m moving to South Carolina and the lady at that house picked my name.  Jack says it used to be her name.  Don’t you think it’s fun?  I started out named after one lady and now, I’m named after another one.”