Rock 7.2.13 H

Rock:  “You know, Jack likes to talk to people about all the dogs around here.  He tells everyone that we’re dogs who need jobs.  And he says that a dog with a job is a happy dog.  That means that I’m about to be the happiest dog around here.  The lady says I’m getting a very important job – and that another Three Cedars puppy, Socks, will be there to show me the ropes.

I’m not sure what the ropes are, but I’ll pay close attention!

My new job is at Penn Vet Working Dog Center.  They teach dogs to find people who are lost or hurt, sniff out dangerous things or help search out some illnesses.  The humans at Penn Vet name all the puppies who go there to work after some really important dogs:  they’re all named after dogs who worked on 9-11.  My new name is Gus.  I’ve been named after Gus Apple, a yellow Labrador who worked at the Pentagon.

I’m proud to be getting a new job and a new name.  I’ll work hard to make everyone proud.”