Jake 7.2.13 E

Jake:  “ME!  ME!  ME!  Today, they tell me it’s all about me!  There’s so much going on being a Three Cedars puppy.  I’ve been swimming and learning to go up and down steps and rolling in the grass.  And now, Jack and the lady told me I’m getting new humans, too!

My new humans are going to call me Strike!  That’s a fun name.  And it matches some of the other dogs they’ve had:  Lightning, Thunder and Storm.  Jack says I’m going to be very busy.  He says I’ll learn to go hunting.  And I’ll learn about agility.  Someone is going to teach me how to dock dive.  I know there’s a dock at the pond……I should probably take a closer look at that at my next swim lesson.  Hey, I’m a Labrador.  I can learn to do lots of things.”