Rose 7.4.13 E

Rose:  “Well, I would like to tell you that I’ve been quiet so far because that’s the way I am – but that’s just not true!  I’ve been quiet because it hasn’t been my turn in the spotlight!  Hit the lights, folks, because Rose is ready for her solo!

For starters, don’t call me Rose.  Call me Spice.  That’s a great new name for me – my new humans picked up on that part of my personality right off.  I can spice up anyone’s day – and for Paul and Nancy, I might just be sweet as sugar to add to my spice.  They were very careful when they evaluated me next to my sisters and they know just what they’re getting into.  I’ll have a sister already in place when I arrive at my new home.  Did I mention that my new home is on a lake?  Those swimming lessons I’ve been getting sure will come in handy!

So maybe sweet as sugar, but I promise I’ll bring the spiciness to everyday life for my new humans, Paul and Nancy.”