Sword 7.3.13 I
Babe:  “Another of my puppies has asked for his chance to tell a story.  Today, I’m giving the blog to Sword.”
Sword:  “The lady picked my name because of a history thing.  Looks like that’s going to change!  Yesterday, a nice man came to our house to see us.  He looked at all of my brothers and then told me that I needed a new name.  The Josh man called me Buck.  Then he sat on the grass with me.  He let me play in the hedges and run on the stones.  The Josh man took even more pictures of me than Jack does!   The lady came home and sat on the grass with us.  Jack made dinner for all us puppies and we ate and played outside for a little while.  The lady plays a game called “puppypuppypuppies”.  She lays on her back in the grass and calls out “puppypuppypuppies!”.  Then we all run to her and climb on her and bite her toes.  It must be a good game because it makes her laugh.
After she played with us, I went back to lay beside the Josh man in the grass.  He gave his camera to the lady and she took our picture together.  I have the feeling the Josh man and I are going to spend lots of time that way, together.  I think I’m going to be happy with him.  I sure hope he’s happy with me!”