Clay 7.2.13 R

Babe:  “My puppies are getting bigger and older and developing very distinct personalities.  In fact, I think they’re finding their own voices.  At some point, a good mother recognizes her children’s need to express themselves.  So today, I give you Clay.”

Clay:  “Hi, my name is Clay.  Or at least, it used to be Clay.  Jack is calling me by a different name now.  He’s been taking lots and lots of photos of all us puppies and he says that some very nice humans have decided that my name should be Zeus.  Jack says Zeus is a good, strong name for a good, strong pup like me.  He explained that my new family chose me from all the other puppies and that they will come and get me when I’m a little bit older.  The lady says my new family has one of those puppy humans, bigger than the Katie puppy, but not as big as she and Jack.  The lady says the new family will love me lots and lots.  And that she’ll cry when I leave her.

I don’t know why she thinks she’ll cry.  I’m excited to know that I’ll have a new family.  I’ll make a great dog for them.”