Bubba (human) and Rex (dog) demonstrating upland work for one of our 8 groups on the day.











Sportsman’s Association Of Greensburg

All those KIDS!

Mas: “Today, Jack got me loaded in the truck early in the morning. We didn’t bring Babe along. She still stays home with the puppies. He didn’t say much, but we stopped for coffee, the way we always do. After a short drive, we got to the SAG grounds. This should be interesting!

Jack talked to the guys at the gate and got directions. When we got to our spot, some of our dog friends were there with their humans. We saw Louie, Orrie, Sarge and Abbey. We saw Pepper, Rex and Chloe. And there were two puppies there we didn’t know. We knew the humans, Kelly and Christina and their mom and dad, but the puppies were new. That’s ok, always happy to make new friends.

Jarred and Mas 8.11.12

It was a Kid’s Day – they called it a Jake day – you know, like the name for a young turkey. The kids were from 9-14 years old; 88 of them were registered. When they came to our area, it was all about showing them what hunting labs can do! We dogs took turns demonstrating our skills. Our humans ran us and so did some other people. Jarred was interested to see what training a dog can do, so Jack allowed him to run me on a blind and a bunch of marks in the lake. The kids took turns, too, and they threw bumpers for us. Sometimes, it’s just worth it to run like that to see the kids having fun.

Jack called the lady on our way home. She was telling him something about Sara and Matt and Ironman. I don’t know what they meant, but Jack and the lady were very happy. They were saying things like they say to Babe and me when we do well at our jobs.

Looks like it was a good day for lots of people, mostly the kids. I like to work with them. It’s great exercise in the outdoors for the dogs and the humans.”