little darlings 6.7.13

Babe:  “”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Yes, I started tonight the same way as last night’s blog – but tonight, it’s even more relevant.  Keep reading and you’ll know why!

My lovely girls.  First, there’s Bolt.  Jack re-used this one from the first litter as well, because he likes the name.  That will change, as soon as Marilyn Collom sends in her preferred puppy name.  Marilyn was one of the three winners in the puppy count contest.  Kate Eversfield was the other winner – and she named one puppy Bells.  That one has a ring to it!  Yes, that was another dog-ged attempt at humor!

The next two puppies were in keeping with the lady and her history bent.  Beautiful Pearl and strong Forge.  If you figured out last night’s question, you can probably get these two.  I promised you the answers for those history based boy’s names:  Bull for those two battles of the Civil War – Bull Run.  And Sword is a little bit trickier.  Sword was one of the beaches used for the D-Day landings.  The lady wants me to mention that the others were Juno, Utah, Gold and Omaha.

My last little lady is the reason for the quote I used to start the last two entries.  Rose.  There is little that smells sweeter than a rose – and puppy breath is one of those so very sweet smells.

I think I’ll go give my puppies their bath now.”