Lunch 6.6.13

Babe:  “”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  You may recognize the quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  What, you’re surprised that I know Shakespeare?  Of course, I do – I’m quite well read.  I’m not just another pretty face!

When it comes to naming a working dog, Jack is pretty set on what he’s looking for:  a one syllable name.  It’s easier to call.  Now, when it comes to kennel names, it’s a place to run wild and creative.  My puppies have names that have meaning to Jack and the lady.  Today, I’m going to talk about my boys’ names.

First off, there’s Rock.  Jack used that name in the last litter I had and he liked it so well, he re-used it.  Rock is a good solid name (yes, I was making a joke!).  Next, Clay.  Clay was named by Jim Collom  who won that privilege by winning the “guess how many puppies” contest.  What to say about Jake?  It’s a nice manly name for a roly poly puppy – lots of room to grow into the name.  Punch was suggested by someone who works with the lady.  Kelsey is spending lots of time thinking about names right now for her own little puppy.  I mean baby.  And that was my last puppy born, sort of the punch line to the litter.

The lady loves history.  And because my puppies were born the day after Memorial Day, she was very much in the history state of mind.  One puppy is named Bull.  Now, he’s the biggest of the puppies, and that alone might justify the name.  The lady had a historical event in mind when she suggested that one.  Even more, the lady chose the name for the other history-related puppy name:  Sword.  Now, can you figure out what she was doing?

I’ll let you work on that one until tomorrow.  I’ll give you the answer – and talk about my girls.”