Babe:  “Those of you who looked at the photos of me before my puppies were born probably noticed that I put on some weight.  OK, a lot of weight.  And you may have wondered how I’d get fit enough to get back to work.  I think these two photos will tell the tale.

The first one is the day my puppies were born.  Jack tucked them all into the basket, nicely warmed up with a heating pad.  You can see how sweetly they fit in there, plenty of room for everyone.

Basket 5.28.13

Then, you look at the second photo.  That was today, just one week after they made their arrival.  Same basket.  Same heating pad.  A bit more crowded.  OK, a LOT more crowded.  My puppies have been growing!  They are working hard now to get on their feet.  Their eyes have the very beginning of opening.  And collectively, they’ve gained almost 6 1/2 pounds.
Basket 6.4.13

No worries about me regaining my girlish figure.  I’ll be back to “hunting weight” well before September 1.  Jack won’t lose a day of my skills this fall.”