11 Sleeping 6/2/2013

11 Sleeping 6/2/2013

Babe:  “A week ago, I was sitting in my whelping box alone.  Tonight, I’ve got lots of company.  Let me tell you a little about my days.  The lady shows up every morning around 5:30.  She opens the door and let’s me out for a run.  Every mom needs a little break and she stays with my puppies while I check the status of the yard.  Once I’ve made sure everything is the way it should be – in the yard and down beyond the fence – I head back to the house.  By then, the lady has prepared my breakfast and filled my pail with nice cold water.

If my puppies are still sleeping, I hang out in the kitchen while she gets ready for work.  I like to do that because when I do, the lady drops ice cubes to me.  And I do love to crunch those ice cubes.

As soon as I hear my puppies, I head back to my room.  Time to be the mama.  My babies eat their breakfast and of course, they have to eat in shifts!  There just aren’t enough spigots for everyone at the same time.  That’s ok.  Nature takes care of that and I always have enough to feed the puppies.  As often as they need it, there’s plenty for them.  In return, Jack and the lady keep my bowl full of food and there’s always plenty of cool, cool water

I do what most mama’s do, no matter if we have four legs or two, feathers or fur:  I take care of my young.  I bathe them and clean up after them.  I make sure they’re warm and safe.  That means that sometimes I have to grumble at those two things that make that meow sound.  After I do that, they watch cautiously from atop the desk.  I don’t mind that at all and to tell the truth, I like them, as long as they stay clear of my puppies.

At the end of my day, just like most mothers, I watch my puppies as they sleep and think they’re just perfect.  That’s something mamas all have in common.  No matter how much work or how noisy or messy they may be, my eleven little slumberbums are all angels when night falls.”