Expanded box 6.28.13

Babe:  “Jack decided it was time for something new.  We could all tell how crowded it was getting in the whelping box.  Of course, when your babies gain 20 pounds in a week, they take up a lot more space!  He also mentioned something about the matting getting wet.

So Jack being Jack, he decided it was time to do something.  He took one wall of the box and moved it out to give my puppies a play yard.  Play is probably not the word Jack would use.  You see, he covered the slate floor with newspapers.  Now, when my puppies wake up, they run to the newspapers to, um, not make the matting all wet.  They love to sleep and play on the matting and I’m sure it’s more comfortable for them now that it isn’t damp.

When the lady came home, Jack opened the door for me to have some time outside.  As I watched through the door, he and the lady lifted my puppies out of the box and into the room.  Jack pulled the matting out of the whelping box.  The lady put on the purple hand covers and rolled up the newspapers.  Then she mopped up the floor and put down fresh papers.  By that time, Jack had the clean mats ready to fix up the box.

While they were working, I could see several of my puppies eating from my food bowl.  The little stinkers!  Once they had the clean newspapers and mats down, they started lifting the puppies back into the box.  Almost immediately, some of them, you know, initiated the clean newspapers.

And my puppies are learning to drink water, too!  Jack gave them a big water bowl all their own.  Of course, when he opened the door for me to come back inside, I headed right to the pups.  Even though they can drink water, they still look to their mama for the good stuff!”