First escapees 6.26.13

Babe:  “Today, Jack came in to put my puppies in the big bowl again.  Every time he does that, he writes down numbers.  When he was all done, he gave me a good scratch and told me that my puppies had gained almost 20 pounds in one week!  As he put my puppies back in the whelping box, there was something different about them.

They got new collars!  Jack noticed that the puppies were big enough for the next size.  They all match their tiny puppy collars…..except for Punch.  Punch didn’t have a tiny collar and now, he has a nice bright blue one.  For reasons I can’t understand, Jack and the lady need the collars to tell one puppy from another.  Of course, when you’re the mommy, you know your children.

And about the children:  they’re getting to be little rascals!  Early in the day, several of my puppies got out of the whelping box to play on the floor.  They nibbled at my food and scrambled around on the slate.  Jack put the first gate level in the whelping box.  And when the lady got home, she put my puppies back in the box.  She wanted them to stay put.  But she didn’t explain that to the puppies.

I was resting on the slate when I got a nudge from one of my puppies.  It seems Pearl was able to get over the first gate.  Things around here are starting to get interesting!”