Sarah 6.15.13

Babe:  “The lady talks a lot about socializing the puppies.  I have no idea what she means.  For some reason, it’s important to Jack and the lady and he puts her in charge of that.
Katie 6.15.13

So she put some of those puppy sized people that come to our house in with my puppies.  There’s the big Katie puppy.  She likes to sit in the whelping box and let the puppies crawl all over her.  They scoot behind her and sit on her legs and she’s mostly still.  She’s also very gentle with the puppies.  The lady asked her if the puppies had teeth yet and she gently pinched Sword’s jaw to open his mouth just enough to run her finger along his gums.   And she seems especially fond of Pearl.

She also put a medium sized people puppy in with me and she calls that one John.  It’s a little difficult for the John puppy to sit still because he’s the kind of people puppy that likes to chase after things.  And chasing after 11 real puppies in a whelping box, well, there’s not far to go!
John 6.15.13

This time, they also brought along a small people puppy named Sarah.  The Sarah puppy was very excited – she doesn’t get to spend much time with things smaller than she is!  The lady had to help her learn what to do when she’s around my puppies and they sure did make her smile.

Jack says it’s about making the puppies into all around working companion dogs.  The lady said something about puppy love.”