Feeding 6.20.13

Babe:  “If the puppies had a big day yesterday with their first taste of puppy food, today was a big day for Jack.  It was time to weigh the puppies again.  They were weighed every day for the first 14 days and then again today, day 22.  Jack was pretty happy.  It seems I have managed to up their weight by 12 1/4 pounds this week.  I think that’s why Jack decided to give them some food.  One puppy is over 4 pounds and another was right there at 3.99 pounds.  Jack says call it 4.  The lady says it’s a penny short.  And something about working for a bank.

Jack has been talking to some people who would like to give the puppies new homes.  He works very hard to find just the right humans.  He wants to be very certain that my puppies will take good care of them.”