Babe:  “Jack and the lady have two kittens, Bob and Lily.  While I was waiting for my puppies to be born, the kittens liked to lay in my whelping box with me.  They’re pretty nice companions for, you know, cats.  What remained to be seen was what would happen when my puppies were born.

I must admit that I’m a bit of a protective mother.  I don’t think that’s unusual for mothers, even human ones.  Initially, I didn’t care for the kittens being around.  I just wasn’t sure how it would all work.

As I told you yesterday, my puppies are getting bigger and developing skills very quickly.  Today was their last daily weigh-in and everyone gained weight.  And I came to realize that I can’t protect them from everything!

As you can see, the awful things you hear about different sorts getting along are simply not borne out here.  There’s a line from a movie where the character says something about “cats and dogs, living together!”  Take a look:  it can happen!

I have to admit that this lasts just as long as Lily or Bob is agreeable.  My puppies are indiscriminate…..they snuggle right up to the kittens, the way they do with their littermates.  The kitten doesn’t mind sharing the box but a little too much puppy love and they’re out of there!”