Basket 6.11.13

Babe:  “Well, it’s been two weeks now and the changes are remarkable.  My puppies have opened their eyes and have started to focus on things.  They’ve found their legs and can toddle around in the whelping box.  Just like any species, learning to walk takes some time!  Jack and the lady seem to find it very entertaining to watch them moving and getting a little stronger every day.

And now, a little bit about noise.  Puppies are noisy.  In the very beginning, there are tiny little peeps.  Then the peeps are a little stronger.  Now, they’re finding their voices.  Sword seems to be the one who really likes to, ahhh, sing.  Quite the vocalist, my little girl Sword.  Maybe she can get a spot on American Idol!

Many of you are interested in just how big the puppies are.  Every one of them had already doubled their weight and now, they’re all over two pounds.  You may recall that in their first week, they gained, collectively, 6 1/2  pounds.  Add another 9 pounds this week.  Yes, you did the math correctly:  11 puppies gained over 15 pounds in 2 weeks.  I told you I’d have no problem slimming down!

We had our final winner in the “guess the number of puppies” contest come in with her puppy name!  Marilyn Collum has re-named Bolt.  Her new litter name is Kay.  Interesting, she had two suggestions.  One was Kay, of course, and the other was Lady.  I wonder what made her choose those?  Thank you, Marilyn.

It’s time for me to settle down and give these puppies some dinner.  Before I go, Jack wanted me to tell you that this is the same basket he’s been using for the group puppy photos.  We may need a bigger basket.”