Eating with arrows 6.10.13

Babe:  “Just a little update on my puppies.  Tomorrow they’ll be two weeks old.  There’ll be more details then.  For now, we – Jack, the lady and I – wanted you to know that the puppies have all doubled their weight.

They’re opening their eyes and trying to walk.  The don’t walk very well, but they’re getting stronger every day.  They’ve learned to wag their tails and they’re learning to bark.  So many changes in such a short time!

Now, I remember quite clearly from my first litter of puppies that the ability to wag a tail and walk causes a particular problem.  It’s one that all mothers of more than one baby know about:  the kids tangle.  In my case, one puppy’s wagging tail is another puppy’s invitation to catch it……in his teeth!  And then that newly developing barking skill comes into play.

Fun times are about to erupt at Three Cedars Retrievers.”