Babe:  “Hi, some of you remember me.  I’m the beautiful one – Babe.  I’m also the one with the important job right now.  I’m not hunting these days, nor going to NAHRA tests.  I’m the mom, the mama.  The lady calls me the mamacita.  You see, on Tuesday, I had 11 puppies:  6 little boys and 5 little girls.  Each one is perfect.  I know that for sure.  Today, Dr. Connie came to see us and she’s the one who pronounced all my babies healthy.

There are a few things that may surprise you about new puppies.  You may have known that their eyelids are fused shut at birth.  You may not have known that, in addition to being unable to see, my babies aren’t able to hear yet!  You see, their little ear canals are fused closed as well.  And like the human babies I’ve been around, my babies can’t walk yet.  Despite all that, they are wonderfully active!  They swim around in our cozy whelping box and they can find me when they’re hungry, I can assure you of THAT.

After all, they’re Labradors.  The nose knows!
Closed ear 5.29.13 A
I’ll have more stories to tell over the next few weeks.  And of course, as the babies start to grow, they’ll talk to you, too.  You’ll get to meet them all.

Right now, Jack and the lady have given us our clean bedding for the night.  I’m going to feed the kiddos and try to get some sleep.  We’ll see how that works!”