Babe:  “I know you must be wondering what I’ve been up to.  As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty busy.  Adjusting to motherhood has been quite exciting and my puppies are growing already.

Each day, Jack and the lady spend time helping me.  Jack takes me outside and while we’re gone, the lady changes my bed.  My puppies wait for me in a warm basket until I come back.  Jack gives me a little exercise and lets me run a bit.  He knows that when I get back to my puppies, I’ll have to lie down carefully.

I’ve had some visitors.  The people who live at the pond came to see me.  And Cody came with his dad.  Everyone who comes gives me pats and scratches.

Today, I was able to leave my puppies for a little while.  I fed them and bathed them and they fell asleep.  After checking them carefully, I went to sit in the office with Jack for about 15 minutes.

When the lady came home, she was happy to see me.  She gave me some ice cubes and I went back to my puppies.  Soon, they were all awake.  And HUNGRY!

Let me add that my figure is bouncing back nicely.  My appetite is back, too.  I’m eating well and drinking lots of water.”


Mas:  “The attention has been on Babe, and I can understand that.  I just want to remind everyone that those are MY puppies too.  I did my part, now Babe can do all that other stuff.

Jack has been making sure I get my exercise too.  We’ve been working with bumpers in the yard.  He seems to think it’s helpful for me to run up and down the hill.  You’d think by now he’d know:  he’s going to get tired of throwing those bumpers long before I get tired of retrieving.  I wonder when he’s going to get those puppies out here?”